In the ambience of a warehouse, Fairouz Coffee & Roastery has got to be one of the most distinguished and eclectic coffee destinations in Dubai.

Fairouz Specialty Coffee aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of specialty coffee, so that our customers will enjoy the best of flavors, varietal, and growing region with +85 grade beans sourced from South America, Africa, Asia and other origins. Arabic Khaleeji coffee, and Turkish / Middle Eastern coffee is also our specialty and we have costumed them to the taste of our clientle.

With live coffee roasting and grinding, a state of the art research and testing facility along side the coffeeshop, a beautiful café set up inspired by a French atmosphere with special music, its clear that Fairouz coffee is not that old cuppa of coffee!!! Its original and distinctive.

Vision & Goals

We believe we can provide world-class coffee! This begins with carefully profiling hand picked premium coffee beans, delicately roasting them, ending with unforgettable flavor.

Is to provide premium, small-batch-roasted and hand packaged coffees while properly maintaining industry-leading equipment to insure exceptional product quality and sustainable excelling service.

Our mornings at Fairouz coffee – The shop will be energetic, lively and full of appiness. Our customers will come and enjoy their favorite specialty coffee in a fresh set up or will get their coffee to go – that will certainly bring a smile on their way to work!
Fairouz will be a morning and afternoon destination for professionals, for students, and for friends who would like to enjoy and socialize over a cup of coffee or for those who like to sit by their laptops and get some work.
Our evenings will be so special; artistic and musical. With live Oud music played on week ends and occasions. The perfect hang out for those who love the taste and aroma of Turkish coffee while their famous songs playing in the background.
Rustic Menu

In addition to Fairouz special menu of specialty coffees and beverages (Hot and Cold), our menu is a fusion of “Arabic cuisine with an international twist” to satisfy food-lovers and connoisseurs. A menu with flavors sophisticated to the level of “Michelin-Star” yet simple and authentic!

Our Signature Carrot Cake is not-your-usual Carrot Cake! Those who try it never stop wanting more!