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Fairouz coffee & Roastery

We have the best selection of freshly ground coffees. We own and operate coffee shops, provide coffee for wholesale partners restaurants, hotels, grocery stores and other coffee shops.

A true coffee drinker didn’t really have much of a choice when it came to home-brewing with quality coffee beans.

Coffee Products

Our customers will enjoy the best of flavors, varietal, and growing region. Arabic Khaleeji coffee, Turkish / Middle Eastern coffee, European coffee with beans sourced all the way from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, India and Uganda and other origins.

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Our Specialty

Our meticulously selected menu offers an eclectic range of oragnic coffees sourced from around the world – ethically and sustainably.

We have implemented the finest and most precise extraction methods at our coffee shop. The result is exceptional coffee and a rich world-class experience presented by our talented baristas, who like true masters take joy in passing on knowledge to our customers.


The Turkish Coffee preparation at Fairouz is unique and uses very old techniques that go back thousands of years ago when coffee was prepared using heated sand. This is the only technique that renders the best coffee flavor without isking burning it.

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